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Monday, February 11th 2008

1:41 PM

Thanks for stopping by

Thank you for stopping by My Blog. Please sign the guest book when you leave and come back often as I will continue to change the look.

Binomial, No Breakaways, No levels, No Percentages, 100% of volume flows up, Place volume in personally sponsored business,Paid from bottom up, instead of top down, Trainings, Smallest check $300, Cutting edge products.

Anything interest you? Then read on.

I grew up in a area called Suamico, Wisconsin probably won't find
it on a map. If you know where it is or have been by it let me know. I then found myself in Jacksonville, Florida for six years. I now find myself in Gillett, Wisconsin. It is a change, but I like it. I grew up with the same thing told to many of us. The 45 year plan. Go to school, get a good job, work until your 65 and retire. Like that happens. Yet so many people out there still believe it does. I was one of them. A little over 4 years ago a friend of mine ask me to look at something she was doing, it was a company called Market America. Now at that time I wasn't really looking for anything, the company I was working for at the time was doing well I was with them for 3 years, felt pretty safe and secure. So much for that, I made it to my 3 year mark and I found out I was pregnant, before I had our little girl I was told they would work with me after my maternity leave - after I had our little girl I was told if I couldn't work my full time hours which was 12 hour days 5 days a week that they would have to find someone else. I'm glad to say this company has been down sized and the company is now starting to go under. I can see why if they treat their employees that  way. I was just a number. I was also not paid what I was worth!
By the way after I left it took 3 people to do my job!!! Anyway I
moved back to Wisconsin and meet up with my old friends.

I went that night and listened to people talk about a supplement called OPC-3, it helped people with various health issues, from allergies to fibromyalgia. After we heard a presentation, not from some slick, suit and tie bragging about how much money he made. But from my friend, she didn't do that great a job, but I seen something. I went home that night wondering, wondering if it really works. The next day I got a bottle of it, three days later I called my friend. I said "sign me up".
she said "what?" I said "if that is what the products do I want a
piece of it." I went on to tell her about how I had sinus problems for years, and they had gone away, no more clogging, I could start to smell again. I also had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for 15 years the symtoms and pain were gone! Now instead of saying "I'll be over to sign you up right now" she said "You need to see more of the business before I will let you in". "I want you to go to one of our trainings so you see what you need to do to succeed." That statement made me really think, you see before that I was thinking this was one of those "things".

Now, did you notice a few things in what I said above?
First, Products that work. Second, there was no rush to get me to
sign up, they made sure I was right for the business and the business was right for me. Third, training.

Let me ask you this question.
In the program you are in now, did the person signing you up make
sure that you had all the information needed to make a choice if you were right for the business? or did they only care to sign you up and get your check? Did they tell you this is easy, no requirements, no work just collect your checks? It's so funny when these people have no clue, don't know how old the company is, or who runs it.

If you want to look at a business that will be around for a long time, one that is cutting edge, that has cutting edge products. One that you won't have to sign up to learn about it, one that has training. How would you like a business that you can try out before you join?

I don't want your check, I don't want your email address or your phone number. I want to show you how I can help you be successful, cause the only way I am successful is if I help YOU become successful. What do you have to lose? You will only gain.

What is an UnFranchise Business?
Market America’s vision and strength derives from the solid
foundation of the UnFranchise Business Development System (click here to view a presentation). This powerful system provides the benefits and support of franchising without the weaknesses like fees, monthly royalties and territorial restrictions.
A stable and lucrative business plan – an UnFranchise business


  • Systemization, standardization and uniformity
  • State of the art management systems
  • Merchandising and marketing tools
  • Growing visibility
  • Multiple business locations
  • Cohesive training and support structure
  • Minimal startup costs
  • Little to no risks

From their first day in the business, Distributors are equipped witha detailed plan of action, Custom Web Portal, and valuable tools, reports, and services through the UnFranchise Management System. Market America provides the products and services, creates the marketing materials, and handles the shipping and distribution. Ninety percent of the administrative and operational aspects of an UnFranchise Business are handled by the company. This allows the Distributor to concentrate on customer satisfaction.

Binomial Marketing
The Binomial Marketing System with the Management Performance
Compensation Plan (MPCP) is the most lucrative and realistic compensation plan ever created. The MPCP is based on what the individual can actually and realistically implement. It eliminates the pitfalls associated with traditional direct selling, multi-level marketing (MLM) and other similar programs. The MPCP pays Distributors weekly and allows for unlimited expansion. Binomial Marketing and the MPCP are so powerful that no other company has been able to successfully duplicate it.

The Mall Without Walls
With over 700 exclusive products and services, Market America’s
Mall without Walls® gives UnFranchise Owners access to numerous multi-billion dollar industries. Without the burden of manufacturing, the company moves with the marketplace. The Product Brokerage System insulates the company and the Distributor from vulnerability as a result of swings in the marketplace.

An UnFranchise Business does not rely solely on the sales of any one product or service, thus resulting in short-term and long-term stability and profitability. Whatever the newest or emerging trend is – Market America is able to capitalize on it. This insures that the company is always providing products and services in the highest demand.

Close Customer Relationships
One-to-One Marketing and Mass Customization represents the
future of business – providing customers what they want, when they want it. Identifying the products that customers want puts Market America in a better position to allocate its resources and creativity to produce solutions that will be readily embraced by consumers, instead of mass-producing products the company hopes will catch on in the marketplace. The result is mass-customized products (the mass production of individually customized goods and services) distributed through a One-to-One Marketing model.

Market America facilitates One-to-One Marketing to identify new products and services. The Web Portal serves as the primary mechanism used to survey, collect and analyze consumer information. As a product broker the company sources, develops and supplies these products directly to the consumer. The company, UnFranchise Owner and manufacturer are all interactive – providing customers exactly what they want and need!

A Distributor’s Web Portal links their customers to the Mall without Walls™ and Internet Partner Stores. Market America’s Endless Shopping Experience™ offers customers over two million products from such popular retail entities as Disney, Wal-Mart, Target, Nordstrom, iTunes, Dell and Barnes & Noble, allowing consumersto shop through a seamless online interface. UnFranchise businesses function as virtual Amazon.com-like entities backed by caring and knowledgeable individuals.

...With a Human Touch
With a philosophy that people hate to be sold, but they love to buy,
Market America combines the Internet – high-tech – with personal customer relationships – high-touch. These relationships foster building share of customer – providing a greater variety of products to a core group of customers, rather than single products to a vast number of individual customers.

Market America identifies the latest market-driven products and offers these products through word of mouth advertising...the most powerful form of advertising. The company and Customer Manager bring the product to the consumer instead of the consumer to the product – supplying rather than selling. Word of mouth advertising and One-to-One Marketing eliminate the high costs associated with penetrating and capturing market share. Market America has the capacity to literally offer any conceivable product a consumer could want!

Changing the Face of Business
Business has to change and adapt itself to new realities if it wishes
to survive. Old paradigms no longer apply. Especially in a world of technological advances and a selective marketplace that is demanding increased individual attention and product choice. The era of mass production and mass advertising has run its course. Market America is changing the face of business – one customer at a time.

Want to know more?

check out my web portal at http://www.marketamerica.com/workathome

Or email me for more information from my portal above




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