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Friday, January 11th 2008

10:24 AM

My home based business was featured on Channel 10 News!

Watch the video, I'm so excited! How many work at home companies can say they were seen on the news!

I know I'm in a good company now, but it wasn't always like this. Most of you know me as the Admin on Links For Wahms.com which I am. I made that site because I wanted to help all those work at home moms so they didn't go through the mess I did finding a good company!

As a mom of three I wanted something I could do from home and actually make a real residual income from. Well as most of us do I joined and went through the process of putting out money to 9 yes 9 different companies and not making enough of an income to cover what I was putting out. Or they ended up being MLM's which I will never tell anyone to join!! Well I wasn't alone in this process my best friend also was doing and joining these with me. I couldn't tell you how many she actually joined, but it is more than me.

Ok so I moved to Florida for 6 years. When I came back to visit two years after my move, my girl friend and I got together. Well I asked what are you doing now. And she told me about this unfranchise company. Well I laughed at her. That's right I laughed at her. I wasn't getting into another of those things!!!!!  

Well another 4 years later I move back. I'm at her house and see her check for (and I'm not kidding) $2100.00 sitting next to her purse and asked her about it. She told me it is the same company I was told about 4 years ago. She also told me that was a one week check and showed me. Yes this company pays weekly and checks come on Mondays. She showed me her commission report, did I forget to mention this is residual commission any way she makes between $4500 - $7500 in a four week pay period! 

So by now I'm kicking myself in the butt!! I felt bad that I had laughed at her, but I was in so much junk in the past that I really needed that proof to try it again for myself!! I joined that day!!

I now work from home permenantly! I concider myself unemployable by to corporate world!!! I only put in 10 to 15 hours a week and take home more than I did there. They can never have me back!!

I will also have my husband also retired from the corporate world by the end of 2009!! Maybe sooner as its happening, but that is my goal. So if any of you are looking for a real sure thing then you have found it. For more information go to unique concept and fill out the form on how to retire in 2 to 3 years.  

Kriss Mosconi

Unfranchise Owner

My portal Site!



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